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Welcome to FOTs
Welcome to the Friends of the Sea (JA) Web site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our organisation that we hope will enlighten you on the environmental issues that we face and will in turn encourage you to support us in our efforts. Our mandate is to Promote, Preserve and Protect the Marine Ecosystem.

Whose Business is it?

Tourism in Ocho Rios generates an income well in excess of US $100 million each year. If we do not properly manage the Marine Ecosystem and allow continued degradation of marine and coastal resources, Ocho Rios stands to lose an estimated 37% of all visitors each year. This translates to a loss of tourism revenue in which businesses, employees and consumers all stand to lose. The valuation study indicates that this loss will directly affect the following business sectors: Accommodation: 59.2%, Food & Beverages: 6.3%, Transportation: 5.9%, Entertainment: 9.7%, Vendors: 10.9%, Other: 8%. Repercussions -including unemployment, increased crime, decreased income potential, poor health and nutrition -will be felt island wide. Friends of the Sea (JA) is interested not only in preserving the marine ecosystem, but also in protecting the economy and livelihood of Ocho Rios and Jamaica.

At this site, you will discover all about our various programmes as well as the various environmental events taking place throughout the year. Feel free to browse around this site, check out some of our links such as our Community Chat forum. Register and participate in lively discussions on the environment and issues affecting our Marine Ecosystem. Our resource section will provide a wealth of knowledge for research and educational enlightenment. Kids! You have not been left out; visit our SeaUrchins page for Informative and Educational features on the Environment. Tired of the boring desktop background on your computer? try our cool desktop wallpaper located @ our download section of this site. Remember to register as a member and receive a free SeaUrchins newsletter.

If you have any comments or questions about our programmes, or membership please click on the contact button on the navigation bar or any email link within this site. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to your support.

Sea Everything! - " Everything we do on land affects the sea"

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